GMM Calypso F

CALYPSO F is an innovatory multifunctional DR system representing the most flexible solution in direct digital radiography.

A highly integrated system ensuring quality diagnostic results in traumatology, emergency, routine and specialized examinations.

CALYPSO F is equipped with the OPERA D4000DR digital system ensuring top quality images and reduced patient dose.

This innovatory DR system is offered in a whole variety of configurations, with different generators and flat panel detectors, so as to meet any application need, from emergency and traumatology up to the reconstruction of the column and lowers limbs (stitching).

If you want to purchase the product, or you have any questions, please send an email request.


GMM Eidos RF 439


Eidos RF439 is a R/F remote-controlled system featured by advanced technology and configuration suppleness so as to satisfy the operators most demanding needs.


Systems part

MCP is a column stand that allows either floor and wall or floor and ceiling fixation.


Systems part

MSP 150 is the ceiling stand designed so as to ensure the quickest and safest execution of any routine and specialized exams: the best solution for emergency, general, bones and thorax diagnostic procedures.

GMM Polistat M

Radiography Analogic

Polistat M, with Potter-Bucky and rotating X-ray tube arm-support, is the universal stand ideally suited for basic and emergency radiology.

GMM Tele 43

Systems part

TELE 43, comprehensive range of wall stands providing vertical movement as well as tilting and rotating bucky.

GMM Opera T Evolution


The evolution of the remote-controlled systems of OPERA T Series, restyled and reengineered to offer the highest quality-to-price ever.

GMM Image Workstation

Any digital system DR or RF can be completed with an image workstation to help the user during his daily workload. This separate unit is composed by a PC processor with one or more LCD image display.