CEA DI intra-oral films

CEA DI is a high contrast, high speed intra-oral film for direct dental radiography. It is designed to be used in all commercially available dental radiographic equipment units. The speed class is “E” in accordance with ANSI/ISO. Despite the high speed, the detail resolution is very high. The fine grain emulsion will result in very homogenous images with extremely fine details.

  • Intra-oral films
  • Extra-oral films
  • Duplicating films
  • Processing chemicals
  • Screens and cassettes
  • CEAPRO processing machine


  • Very high speed gives low radiation dose to the patient
  • High contrast and maximum density
  • Fine grain for optimal image resolution
  • Balanced blue tint base and very low base fog
  • User-friendly packaging


The film is sandwiched between black paper and lead foil in soft user-friendly plastic packets. Each film is embossed with a dot to ensure proper orientation of the film.


Size 2 (adult size), 31×41 mm, 150 soft vinyl filmsper box. This size is also available as double film.  Size 0 (children size), 22×35 mm, 100 soft vinyl films per box.


CEA DI can be processed in all kinds of X-ray processing systems that ensure a minimum time as required for intra-oral films.

  • Automatic processors: Total processing time is dependent on temperature and the type of processor being used, 4 to 6 minutes or longer.
  • Mechanised tank development with automatic film transport: Total processing time is dependent on processing time being used.
  • Manual development of films in tanks or trays: Recommended development time of 5 minutes at a temperature of 20° C. The fixing time should be twice the clearing time, at least 2 minutes. In order to ensure good archiving quality, the films must be washed in running water (18-22° C) for a minimum of 10 minutes.


The intra-oral film is compatible with most typical safelights in use. All lamps with radiated light starting from 500 nm can be used. Darkroom lighting with sodium or mercury vapour lamps or darkroom lamps with green, red, orange-red or yellow safety filter can be used.

CEA extra-oral films

Panoramic and Cephalometric X-ray films


  • CEADENT extra-oral films are available as blue and green sensitive screen films. Available sizes are 12×30, 15×30 and 18×24 cm.
  • CEA extra-oral films are available in 100 sheet boxes.
  • CEADENT DB, size 15×30 is also available in 50 sheet boxes.
CEADENT DB high contrast blue sensitive screen film
CEADENT DG high contrast green sensitive screen film
CEADENT DG L medium to high contrast green sensitive screen film with wide exposure latitude

CEA films can be processed manually or in any conventional processor at 90 seconds processing time. It is compatible with all types of processing chemicals. However, we recommend CEA original chemicals for consistent results.

CEA intensifying screens

The CEA screens give optimal image quality with highest resolution and lowest noise at low dose when choosing the right film/screen combination. CEA screens are available in the following speed classes:

Type Speed class
Blue emitting screens CEA B
Green emitting screens CEA G

CEA cassettes

The CEA cassette is a strong, light-weight and durable cassette in hard plastic. The cassette is available with or without identification window (EU type and US type). The excellent film/screen contact is achieved by magnetic attraction between a magnetised rubber cushion and a floating steel foil.

If you want to purchase the product, or you have any questions, please send an email request.


Agfa Ortho CP-GU

Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

High-speed, universal film with a high image quality in all processing conditions. Ortho CP-GU is a green-sensitive, universal film with a high system speed.

Agfa CR 12-X

Computed Radiography

The CR 12-X’s simple design makes installation fast and easy. Its horizontal cassette insertion prevents dust and dirt being introduced into the system.

Agfa DX-D 30C

Digital Detector

The DX-D 30C Digital Wireless Detector offers general radiography facilities a fast and effective way to benefit from high quality digital imaging using existing X-ray equipment.

Agfa Ortho CP-G Plus

Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

Universal film with high contrast in the low densities to ensure sharp and detailed images. Green-sensitive universal film with a high contrast, low fog and low noise level, enabling quick reading of all necessary information.

Agfa CURIX HT 1000 G Plus

Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

CURIX Ortho HT 1000 G is a universal high-speed film with a medium-tohigh contrast, to use with green intensifying screens. each part of the film has been carefully designed into the ideal shape.

Agfa DX-D 40

Digital Detector

The DX-D 40 – Digital Detector with Automatic Exposure Detection offers a fast and effective way for radiography facilities to benefit from high quality digital imaging using virtually any X-ray equipment.


Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

Blue-sensitive X-ray film designed for general radiology. Universal film with a constant and high image quality thanks to Agfa’s Disc Grain technology.