GMM Imaging system

OPERA I Series: 9” and 12” image intensifiers with CCD camera, DRF dynamic recursive filter,  Last Image Hold (LIH) and LCD monitors

  • LT – Basic system
  • Low cost configuration with performances suitable to satisfy basic fluoroscopic demands.
  • It is proposed with 9” intensifier, CCD camera with 576×576 pixels sensor and 19” LCD monitor.


  • HP – High performance system
  • High performance solution thanks to the Dynamic Recursive Filter (DRF).
  • It is proposed with 9” and 12” intensifiers, CCD with 576×576 pixels sensor and 19” LCD monitor.
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GMM MAC Mobile X-ray unit

Mobile X-Ray units

MAC is the mobile radiographic unit combining extraordinary ergonomi features with advanced performances, thus ensuring the execution of safe and rapid X-ray examinations.


C-arms tables

Mobile radiographic table on swivelling wheels, N2 front wheels with a blocking device, N2 back wheels parking brakes operating on two castors and their vertical axis this grants a sturdy position of the table.


C-arms tables

Mobile radiographic table, with floating, elevating and tilting carbon fibre patient table top. The table can be coupled with ceiling or floor mounted C arm in fixed systems or with “C” arc of mobile units.


Systems part

MSP 150 is the ceiling stand designed so as to ensure the quickest and safest execution of any routine and specialized exams: the best solution for emergency, general, bones and thorax diagnostic procedures.


Systems part

MTOb is a fixed-height radiographic table featured by a solid and ergonomic design, conceived to ensure the best cost-to-quality ratio and operational immediateness.

GMM Tele 43

Systems part

TELE 43, comprehensive range of wall stands providing vertical movement as well as tilting and rotating bucky.