GMM Chorus

CHORUS is a multifunctional DR system equipped with 43×43 cm digital detector featured by an extremely flexible configuration and ultimately user-friendly; it consists of an exclusive wall stand and ceiling suspension and can be combined with a mobile examination table (different models of mobile examination tables are available with fixed or adjustable height, floating tabletop, etc.).

The high degree of integration featuring the CHORUS components, allows the operator to rapidly and efficiently execute accurate and safe radiographic exams in both standard and specialized applications.

The ceiling suspension of the CHORUS unit is equipped with an advanced interlocking system allowing the automatic alignment of the X-ray source to the detector movement so as to ensure the easiest and quickest execution of all the exams either on table or wall stand;

Furthermore, the wall stand is tilting from 0° to 90° + 20 and allows the 90° rotation of the detector so as to facilitate the realization of oblique incidences and exams on patients carried on stretcher and emergency exams.

CHORUS is offered with the OPERA D4000DR digital system that ensures high image quality, reduction of the dose to the patient, full DICOM compatibility; additionally, when combined with the wall stand provided with motorized adjustable vertical movement, OPERA D4000DR provides the use of the image reconstruction module (stitching).

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GMM Opera T Evolution


The evolution of the remote-controlled systems of OPERA T Series, restyled and reengineered to offer the highest quality-to-price ever.

GMM Kalos

Radiography Digital

Kalos, innovative DR multifunctional system completely Italian.The refined design, reliability and simplicity, make it unique.


Systems part

MSP 150 is the ceiling stand designed so as to ensure the quickest and safest execution of any routine and specialized exams: the best solution for emergency, general, bones and thorax diagnostic procedures.

GMM Symbol FP Series


Symbol is the innovatory mobile C-arm unit designed to ensure outstanding performances and unique user-friendly approach.


C-arms tables

Mobile radiographic table on swivelling wheels, N2 front wheels with a blocking device, N2 back wheels parking brakes operating on two castors and their vertical axis this grants a sturdy position of the table.


Mobile X-Ray units

ACCORD (analogue version) and ACCORD DR (with digital flat panel detector) are two advanced DR mobile units specifically designed for the execution of general radiology examinations.

GMM Opera Swing


OPERA Swing the revolutionary “all-in-one” R/F remote-controlled system, conceived for the best combination with flat panel detectors.