GMM Eidos RF 439

OPERA Sound (available only for some countries) is a wide series of R/F remote-controlled systems featured by advanced technology and configuration suppleness so as to satisfy the operator’s most demanding needs.
The OPERA Sound remote-controlled tables are characterized by an extraordinary structural architecture ensuring full accessibility to the patient-tabletop from any side, thus allowing the operator to easily perform the patient positioning with the utmost safety.

Six configurations available (90/20° and 90/90° tilting movement, with either SFD/I.B. or flat panel dector) ensuring the execution of routine and specialized examinations in both fluoroscopy and radiography applications: from emergency to angiography, tomography, spine and lower limbs automatic stitching.

If you want to purchase the product, or you have any questions, please send an email request.


GMM Clisis Evolution


Clisis is the last generation of R/F remote-controlled systems, representing the evolution of a top-quality product. Redesigned and reengineered, it is thought to obtain the highest achievable operational functionality.

GMM MAC Mobile X-ray unit

Mobile X-Ray units

MAC is the mobile radiographic unit combining extraordinary ergonomi features with advanced performances, thus ensuring the execution of safe and rapid X-ray examinations.

GMM Image Workstation

Any digital system DR or RF can be completed with an image workstation to help the user during his daily workload. This separate unit is composed by a PC processor with one or more LCD image display.

GMM Opera T Evolution


The evolution of the remote-controlled systems of OPERA T Series, restyled and reengineered to offer the highest quality-to-price ever.

GMM Polistat D

Radiography Digital

Polistat D, universal stand with rotating X-ray tube arm support and 43×43 digital detector with vertical adjustable height and ± 45°manual rotation, variable focal distance.

GMM Tele 43

Systems part

TELE 43, comprehensive range of wall stands providing vertical movement as well as tilting and rotating bucky.


Systems part

MTOes is an X-ray unit with adjustable height table complete with column stand.