Dornier AXIS

The Dornier AXIS™ Single-Use Digital Ureteroscope provides every patient a clean scope with a clear view – every time. Eliminate the cost and risk associated with reprocessing. You and your patient deserve an innovative, quality ureteroscope that helps bring quality care to the next level.

Use the Dornier AXIS every time, for a clean and clear scope at an affordable value.

  • 2.5X More Imaging Pixels – High pixel count for clear and sharp image, using latest technology for high resolution.
  • 8.5F OD column strength
  • 3.6F Working channel
  • Dual LED Illumination
  • Latest sensor technology for high resolution
  • Traditional Look & Feel without the weight
  • 275° Dual Deflection
  • Straight Access for fiber and accessories port with adjustable seal
  • Integrated Irrigation Port
  • Video Processor: 4K Monitor Mobile Stand Integrate directly to your existing or video system OR 4K Monitor Mobile Stand
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Dornier Aries

Shockwave Therapy

Dornier Aries offers an entirely new, non-invasive treatment approach for patients suffering from vasculogenic erectile dysfunction.