Agfa DRYSTAR 5301

Excellent reliability, minimum maintenance

DRYSTAR 5301 offers all the benefits of Direct Digital Imaging. This solid-state technology avoids the use of complex optical components, making the imager reliable and durable by design. Moreover, the DRYSTAR 5301 provides all the advantages of dry technology: no wet processing, no darkroom, and no film processing chemicals.

  • Excellent reliability, minimum maintenance
  • Direct Digital Imaging technology
  • Convenient imaging with one media size on-line
  • Easy daylight loading

Easy connectivity for optimal flexibility

DRYSTAR 5301 is a DICOM-native imager, which makes network connectivity easy.

One media size on-line

Despite its compact size, DRYSTAR 5301 features one media size on-line, with 5 media sizes available. With its ultra-short access time for the first film and its throughput of 75 sheets per hour (14 x 17 inch), DRYSTAR 5301 offers fast access to your films for diagnosis.

Next-to-application imaging

The unit’s small footprint means that convenient next-to-application installation is possible in even the most space-restricted environments. DRYSTAR 5301’s freedom of placement, combined with its low investment
and running costs, make it the perfect match for many modalities.

A total, one-stop imaging solution

Through its intelligent matching of Direct Digital Imaging technology, media and imager, DRYSTAR 5301 is designed to stand at the heart of Agfa HealthCare’s integrated solutions. Combined with leading-edge DRYSTAR DT2 media, diagnostic quality greyscale hardcopies of a higher standard are delivered time after time. Because it is heat-sensitive rather than light-sensitive, DT2 brings the added convenience of daylight loading.

If you want to purchase the product, or you have any questions, please send an email request.



Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

CEA OGA is a medium to high contrast film for use with green emitting screens. It is well suited for general radiography and for applications where high definition is required.


Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

CEA DI is a high contrast, high speed intra-oral film for direct dental radiography. It is designed to be used in all commercially available dental radiographic equipment units.


Diagnostic Printing

DRYSTAR AYXS is the heart of the centralized or decentralized department. The combination of its small size, ease of use, reliability, quality and flexibility make it the right imager to use – anywhere you need it.

Agfa CR 12-X

Computed Radiography

The CR 12-X’s simple design makes installation fast and easy. Its horizontal cassette insertion prevents dust and dirt being introduced into the system.

Agfa DX-D 10

Digital Detector

The DX-D 10 Digital Detector offers general radiography facilities a fast and effective way to benefit from high quality digital imaging using existing X-ray equipment.

Agfa CEA RP New

Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

CEA RP NEW is a blue-light sensitive film with high speed and medium to high contrast for use with rare earth screens as well as any other blue and UV emitting screens.


Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

High contrast film for Agfa’s blue/UV film/screen system. Agfa’s CURIX RP1 film enhances image detail in general radiography and special procedures consequently, it reduces costs and increases productivity.