Blue-sensitive X-ray film designed for general radiology. Universal film with a constant and high image quality thanks to Agfa’s Disc Grain technology.

  • Member of the CP family of Agfa film
  • High-speed, medium to high contrast bluesensitive film
  • Suited for a complete range of applications

CP-BU NEW film is a high-speed, medium- to highcontrast blue-sensitive X-ray film that has been designed for use in general radiology in combination with blue-emitting rare earth and calcium tungstate intensifying screens.

Designed for a complete range of applications

CP-BU NEW film is a universal film because of the design of the characteristic curve. On the one hand, the contrast in the middle section and in the shoulder of the curve is sufficient to guarantee excellent visualization of all relevant details in applications, such as bone work and angiography. All lungfield structures are very clear presented as well. On the other hand, the toe of the curve has been studied in such a way, that the information in lowdensity areas, such as the diaphragm, retrocardial, mediastinal and spinal areas are displayed very well too.

Always consistent images

CP-BU NEW excels in consistency: Agfa’s Disc Grain technology keeps image quality at a consistently high level, even when the film is processed in weaker chemicals or unfavorable conditions. CP-BU NEW also has a low sensitivity to desensitizing marks.

Easy to read, nice neutral look

The use of a deep blue polyester base results in images with a nice, neutral look which are easier to read and more pleasant to look at.

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Mammography Film

HDR-C Film has excellent diagnostic capabilities in dense breast tissue. This film delivers high contrast in the shoulder of the H&D curve and latitude for dense structures within the toe portion of the H&D curve.

Agfa DX-D 30C

Digital Detector

The DX-D 30C Digital Wireless Detector offers general radiography facilities a fast and effective way to benefit from high quality digital imaging using existing X-ray equipment.


Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

CEA OGA is a medium to high contrast film for use with green emitting screens. It is well suited for general radiography and for applications where high definition is required.

Agfa CEA RP New

Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

CEA RP NEW is a blue-light sensitive film with high speed and medium to high contrast for use with rare earth screens as well as any other blue and UV emitting screens.

Agfa CR 12-X

Computed Radiography

The CR 12-X’s simple design makes installation fast and easy. Its horizontal cassette insertion prevents dust and dirt being introduced into the system.

Agfa Ortho CP-G Plus

Blue- Ortho- UV-Film

Universal film with high contrast in the low densities to ensure sharp and detailed images. Green-sensitive universal film with a high contrast, low fog and low noise level, enabling quick reading of all necessary information.

Agfa DX-D 40

Digital Detector

The DX-D 40 – Digital Detector with Automatic Exposure Detection offers a fast and effective way for radiography facilities to benefit from high quality digital imaging using virtually any X-ray equipment.